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Anand Srivastava

Research Interests

Superconducting spintronics and the triplet state. Currently investigating generation and control of spin-polarized Cooper pairs in S/F/F and S/F/S superconducting spin valves.

Key Publications

Electric power transfer from spin pumping 
K Rogdakis, N Alfert, A Srivastava, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire, LF Cohen, and H Kurebayashi
Applied Physics Express 11, 013004 (2017)

Magnetization-control and transfer of spin-polarized Cooper pairs into a half-metal manganite
Anand Srivastava, Linde A. B. Olde Olthof, Angelo Di Bernardo, Sachio Komori, Mario Amado, Carla Palomares-Garcia, Mohammad Alidoust, Klaus Halterman, Mark G. Blamire, Jason W. A. Robinson*
Physical Review Applied 8, 044008 (2017)
Supporting research data