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Dr Malavika Nair

Dr Malavika Nair

Junior Research Fellow (Emmanuel College)

Research Interests

My current project is centred about the discovery of novel materials for use in biodevices which are capable of adapting and reacting to the physiological conditions of the body. I also welcome opportunities for collaboration---both within and outside of biological or medical materials---particularly where structural and chemical characterisation, technique development and automation are concerned.

My experience includes:

  •  Ice-templating of biopolymeric scaffolds
  •  Synthesis of calcium phosphates
  • Materials characterisation: AFM (incl. QNM, KPFM), SEM (incl. ESEM and EDX), Circular Dichroism, FTIR,  MicroCT, Hydrated tensile and compressive testing
  • Benchtop biochemical assays, immunohistological tagging and fluorescence microscopy
  • Regression analysis methods for predictive model generation
  • Technique development (e.g. classification of porous networks and anomaly removal in MicroCT data sets; deconvolution of spectral data)

Key Publications

M. NAIR, S.M. BEST AND R.E. CAMERON ”Crosslinking Collagen Constructs: Achieving Cellular Selectivity Through Modifications of Physical and Chemical Properties”, Applied Sciences 10 (19), 6911 doi10.3390/app10196911

M. NAIR, R. K. JOHAL, S. W. HAMAIA, S.M. BEST AND R.E. CAMERON ”Tunable bioactivity and mechanics of collagen-based tissue engineering constructs: A comparison of EDC-NHS, genipin and TG2 crosslinkers”, Biomaterials (2020) doi10.1016/j.biomaterials.2020.120109

M. NAIR, J. H. SHEPHERD, S.M. BEST AND R.E. CAMERON ”MicroCT analysis of connectivity in porous structures: optimizing data acquisition and analytical methods in the context of tissue engineering”, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 17(165) (2020):20190833 doi:10.1098/rsif.2019.0833

M. NAIR, Y. CALAHORRA, S. KAR-NARAYAN, S.M. BEST AND R.E. CAMERON ”Self-assembly of collagen bundles and enhanced piezoelectricity induced by chemical crosslinking”, Nanoscale11(32), 15120-15130 (2019) doi:10.1039/c9nr04750f

M. NAIR, A. HUSMANN, R E CAMERON and S BEST “In situ ESEM imaging of the vapor-pressure-dependent sublimation-induced morphology of ice”, Physical Review Materials 2, 2(4) (2018) 040401 doi10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.2.040401