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Device Materials Group



I am on a mission to design ionic-conductor ferroelectric oxide heterostructures for superior resistive switching by improving reproducibility, stability and microscopic understanding of the switching process.

During my PhD studies in the Laboratory of Multifunctional Ferroic Materials at ETH Zurich, I gained expertise in stabilizing and characterizing oxide thin films, an emerging class of materials for energy-efficient electronic applications. I have unique experience in optical probing of ferroelectric thin films using second harmonic generation. As a postdoctoral fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation, I will explore novel approaches in epitaxial stabilization and optical characterization of thin films to advance their resistive switching.


Key publications: 
Strkalj, N.*, Gattinoni, C., Vogel*, A., Campanini, M., Härdi, R., Rossi, A., Rossell, M. D., Spaldin, N. A., Fiebig, M. & Trassin, M. In-situ monitoring of interface proximity effects in ultrathin ferroelectric. Nat Commun. 5815 (2020).
Gattinoni, C., Strkalj, N., Härdi, R., Fiebig, M., Trassin, M. & Spaldin, N. A. Interface and surface stabilization of the polarization in ferroelectric thin films, PNAS  117, 28589 (2020)
Strkalj N.*, De Luca, G.*, Campanini, M., Pal, S., Schaab, J., Gattinoni, C., Spaldin, N. A., Rossell, M. D., Fiebig, M. & Trassin, M. Depolarizing-Field Effects in Epitaxial Capacitor Heterostructures. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 147601 (2019).
Visiting Postdoc
Dr Nives  Strkalj
Not available for consultancy